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Youth Ministry

ACC YOUTH The youth of today are daily confronted with the vices of this modern day society including teenage sex, drugs, alcohol, cigerettes, pornography, etc. In this modern day where everything seems "cool" and normal, the believing youth today has to stand very strong in his shoes if he is to affect his generation positively. It is not easy. As a Ministry we are obedient to God in raising up the Daniels, Meshachs, Abednego's, Schadrach's and Josephs of this generation. We therefore encourage the youth to learn to identify the difference between good and evil so that they can make the right choices. We teach and educate them to deal with negative peer-pressure. We teach them how to identify deception and not to be misled by peer-pressure. We educate them also on the dangers of unhygienic living. We keep the youth off the idle life on the streets and train them in drama, dance, performing arts, singing, music composition, helping them with their school work, etc. We incorporate them also in our praises and worship team and train them to become instrumentalists. We also train them to pick up positions in the Ministry to get more involved and committed. They are very important in our evangelism efforts even as they also reach out to their own friends in Leeuwarden and beyond with the word of God. They also hold joint-programmes with other youth from and around other cities.